JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs
JHL ColorPro LUTs

JHL ColorPro LUTs

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A Collection of my best Cinematic LUTs


the "JHL ColorPro LUTs" is a color grading tool and framework, that I use to create a consistent aesthetic look across my video work, for myself and my paying clients. They are designed to be used across all major video editing software programs.

I know what you're thinking, just like the last LUT pack you bought, these probably won't work either, right? They're gonna work for 1% of your clips and thats it, they won't work on your footage because you only shoot in snow, or sunsets, or indoors, etc. Well, I can't wait for you to be blown away by the ease of using these LUTs, and just how powerful they are. There's a video included explaining my framework, which is the whole reason these LUTs are different from other LUTs you purchased before.

These LUTs have been tested primarily with Sony, Canon and Lumix footage, based on 300+ individual clips (shot in LOG and REC709 profiles) from all over the world, in different light and weather conditions.



  • 7 ColorPro LUTs designed specially for LOG based Rec709 converted footage (.cube files)
  • 4 Cine Filter LUTs designed to be used as secondary LUTs to further stylize the color grade to your preference (.cube files)
  • 12 EasyFix LUTs designed specifically to make simple, accurate adjustments to color grades, to reach professional results with no prior knowledge required (.cube files)

Why buy these LUTs?

LUTs don't always work - in fact they usually suck. I know this because I also spent my hard earned money on way too many of them when I was getting started. 

This is why I decided to design and build a framework for using my LUTs so that you can achieve your desired look every single time, whether you're just getting started or you've been editing for years.

Achieve consistent, awesome results with ease, every single time

Are you just getting started on your video journey? Are you trying to post videos online on the daily?
Let's face it, colorgrading can be a massive pain in the ass! I've been there myself and I couldn't find any LUTs that solved my problem. 

That's why I designed a new framework that allows you to layer LUTs with a simple, logical workflow to reach your desired result every single time.

Save all the time and headache, and impress your friends and audience with your crisp grades

No more hoping a LUT will work, no more messing around with the color grading tools in your editing program - When you use these LUTs, you'll be grading quickly, easily, and tastefully every single time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Colorgrade with almost no effort

Reach your final grade in just seconds with my colorgrading framework

Additional Information

The JHL Cinematic Bundle will be available for download on screen as soon as payment is accepted,

Please remember that all LUTs work differently on every video, so each of the individual LUTs aren't designed to work on every clip.and a link to download your product will also be sent to your email within an hour.

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